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17 Apr 2020
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The Sealmaster product line supports a broad spectrum of the industrial market including: Agriculture, Beverage, Coal Power Generation, Cranes & Hoists, Food, Forestry, Grain, HVAC, Marine, Metals Minerals & Mining, Oil and Gas, Packaging Machinery, Pulp & Paper, Test Rig & Equipment, Turbomachinery, Unit Handling, Water & Waste Water and Wind Power Generation.


*Land Riding Retainer
The Sealmaster unique land riding metal design provides superior pocket clearance that allows for 360 degrees oil circulation around the rolling elements resulting in better retained and utilized lubrication.

*Wide Outer Race
Sealmaster has the industry’s widest outer race. The black oxide outer race is 13% to 26% wider than industry standard outer races. This feature results in increased grease capacity, improved sealing options, and more insert stability

*Solid Base
Solid bases are standard on Sealmaster Gold ball bearing pillow blocks. The sold base provides improved stability, resistance, to shock and vibration and prevents frame buckling under the base compared to semi-solid and hollow mounting bases.

*Skwezloc® Concentric Locking
Skwezloc is a concentric collar clamp design that results in near perfect concentrically maintaining near perfect ball path roundness, while reducing fretting corrosion, eliminating the shaft damage of setscrew locking, and minimizing bearing induced vibration for smoother quieter operation.

*Zone Hardened Inner Race
Sealmaster incorporates a unique heat treat process that hardens the inner race only where it is needed…under the ball path. The black oxide zone hardened inner race results in improved lock reliability as a result of less distortion at setscrew location and improved thread conformity resulting in improved clamping and resistance to setscrew back-out.

*Felt Seal with Flinger
The standard felt seal with flinger turns with minimal rotational resistance and filter contaminants out before they enter the bearing chamber. The inner flinger is pressed into the outer race and is a stationary foundation of the sealing system. The outer flinger is pressed on the inner race and rotates with the shaft which helps keep contaminants away.

*Tapered Lands
The land surface, as shown, is tapered in a radial direction toward the bearing race. This subtle yet crucial design change ensures that lubricant will be easily redirected back to the raceway. With improved bearing lubricant circulation comes significantly longer bearing service life.

*Lock Pin and Dimple
The Sealmaster exclusive locking pin and dimple system provides direct lubricant into the bearing cavity and ball path instead of around a lubrication groove, prevents outer ring rotation (sometimes referred to as “creep”), and allows ± 2° static misalignment of the bearing insert.



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